The 360 Degrees of Me Storyversation Workshop Events will provoke thought and stimulate conversations that hopefully will stir participants into action to create transformative change from where they are FORWARD. 

Basic Format of 360 Degrees of Me Storyversations
1 Story
2 Storyversation (story + conversation = storyversation)
3 Vison Partnering (2 or more individuals)
4 Flipped 360 Degree Vision Boards (activity depends on storyversation)
5 Present completed works to the group & briefly discuss
6 Circle of Accountability (new self attributes to create the new self-image)
7 Pass-the-Purse Story Game (may be a different type of container depending on gender of group participants)
8 Our Story (based on Pass-the-Purse story building game)
9 360 Degree Statement (some writing required)

Add-On Features
Vision Card Selection – Takes place the 360 Degree Statements in a group style format
Dance Breaks – We include movement to music and group sing-alongs with music that correspond with the particular storyversation
Refreshments or Meal –Light refreshments, lunch or dinner for longer workshops
Visionary Paint Party – Includes painting on canvasses along with a professional artist based on the theme of the storyversation workshop

*The 360 Degrees of Me Storyversations may take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours, a day long workshop or be a part of a weekend long retreat. We can also create original storyversations based on a chosen theme by our host. For instance, if the theme of the event is about team building, then the stories and titles reflect the subject (360 Degrees of Me Storyversation: Empty Nest, Team Building, Domestic Issues…).These story workshop events can make all types of parties a true hit with your friends as you party with a purpose.

All stories created by Ms. Nikki’s Traveling Story Bag are age and developmentally appropriate according to the participants and we work hand-in-hand with you to deliver what you would like conveyed.

Price: Individual fee is $45 each, if there is 12 or more people then the hostess is free of charge, travel fee is $25 (after 20 miles there is a charge of .50 per mile for longer distances please contact us

All materials are provided and registration is required 

360 Degrees of Me Storyversation Workshop Events

360 Degrees of Me: Past & Present – This storyversation is about how our past can shape our present and speaks about self-awareness and how we make decisions for the present based on the past instead of looking ahead. It includes vision partnering and our signature flipped vision boarding, activities, games, group work and light writing
360 Degrees of Me: These Hats– This story focuses on the many rolls (all  that we take on and are responsible for) that we may wear throughout our lives which define who we are, what we do, where we go, why we do the things we do and how we become our true selves. Includes our signature hat designing with a purpose activity and group work.
360 Degrees of Me: Pieces of Me – Deals with issues surrounding things that have been taken from us either by force, that we submit to, as well as what we omit from our personal stories. Either way, we are missing some key pieces to the puzzle of our life. The activity includes our “transformer” group building activities and group work and that’s fun with a purpose!
360 Degrees of Me: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (for women)– These parties are to celebrate the work that you have begun on yourself! This is a story that helps us discover or rediscover fun and how to have more of it in our daily lives. The activities will include fun stations to include: pampering station, make-over booth & creative selfie-shots, and a bedazzle jewelry make-n-take as well as music, games and more. This workshop is all about having fun!

Also added to this series are 360 Degrees of Me Mama, Taken and a storyversation for couples called Us. You choose the topic and we tell the story and turn it into a workshop. 

*In addition to the workshops above, we also tailor events according to your specified themes. 

What are the 360 Degrees of Me Storyversation Workshop Events?
360 Degrees of Me Storyversation Workshop Events use the art of storytelling combined with fun activities that spark the beginning of self transformation in a creative and inclusive atmosphere. Each one is designed to inspire and stimulate conversations that touch on issues that may not be easily addressed and/or which are not apparent in our everyday lives, but affect us nonetheless. The workshops are offered in mini sessions ranging from 2 hours to full day conferences. 360's can be used for parties, fundraisers, special interest groups, personal/professional development as well as women's shelters. The storyversation events are as follows: 


Ms. Nikki's Traveling Story Bag 

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