Sharing Stories & Events That Matter

Sharing stories that get right down to the heart of the matter."


Ms. Nikki's Traveling Story Bag 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to use the art of storytelling to entertain, educate, inform, bring people together as well as provoke thought and positively motivate the masses one story at a time.

Ms. Nikki's Traveling Story Bag was born quite unexpectedly. I had always enjoyed telling stories to my children, their friends or any one else who would listen. As a preschool teacher, I used story time as a way to expose the children to richer language and cultures around the world by adding music, props and movement. They loved it and so did I. The more senses I used to engage the children the more they remembered and learned. I never thought of creating a storytelling business until the summer of 2012. At that time, I decided to give my storytelling ventures a name called Ms. Nikki's Traveling Story Bag and began sharing stories and events that matter everywhere!

Fast forward to 2018, Ms. Nikki's Traveling Story Bag is a full service storytelling entity where sharing stories that help is our business. We tell stories at the Boys & Girls Club, children and adult care day camps, religious centers, birthday parties, panel discussions, schools, anniversaries, receptions, workplace, libraries, higher learning institutions and more.  Audiences of all ages enjoy our interactive style of storytelling. Each story is specifically tailored according to what the host would like to be conveyed. We share retold stories in our unique style as well as our own original creations. The story events are designed for the audience members to engage with one another during the story.  

Story topics are relevant topics that are relatable to diverse audiences. A good story that helps is needed everywhere. For instance, if there is a bullying situation that has gotten out of hand at a school, then we tailor a story that specifically helps the participating audience consider the situation from a different perspective.  We extend stories into a workshop and/or hands-on activities which gives them a space to create a situation that is counter to the bullying environment and that encourages solutions. Another example of how we make our stories relevant, is if we are called to a women's shelter then we would create a story that is based on renewal, strength and self-confidence which would be accompanied by our signature "storyversation" and vision building activities

Sharing story events that matter is what we do because we care, therefore we share. So, when you see our story bags, be comforted in the fact that we have something inside that holds just what you need conveyed.