Sharing is caring​​

We believe that sharing our stories is caring because it creates a safe space for others to share theirs which helps us all to grow.

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Metathesis: Change of place or condition

Quote of the week 

Being defeated is a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent. ~Marilyn vos Savant

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The Storyteller's Welcome!

Hello Friends,

My name is Nykiiah Wright, Founder/CEO/Storyteller at Ms. Nikki's Traveling Story Bag. In addition to storytelling, I hold a Master's Degree in Special Education and I'm a certified teacher of students in grades Pre-K through 12th with specific learning and behavioral disabilities. I am a proud graduate of Cleveland School of the Arts in Cleveland, Ohio where I learned to love all forms of art and entertaining. 

AtMs. Nikki's Traveling Story Bag, we use the art of storytelling to educate, motivate, entertain, provoke thought and bring audiences together of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, cultures and faiths. Our overall goal is to create storyversations (story + conversation = storyversation) that help us discuss difficult topics and that remind us of our better selves in safe, inclusive and fun environments. 

I began enjoying stories that my grandfather shared with me as a child. He told stories that kept our family and friends laughing and sitting at the edge of our seats waiting for the final outcome. His stories mirrored real life and were always about something we could relate to. Throughout my growing up years, I began to share stories about real events, like my grandfather did. Reading all kinds of books and sharing what I had read about has always been something I have enjoyed. I incorporated reading and my grandfather's storytelling into what has become Ms. Nikki's Traveling Story Bag'sfull scale traveling interactive storytelling company. I like to think that our stories help listeners feel better and encourages them to pass on the goodness one story at a time to make a difference.

Our stories are an experience that can be shared in many different types of settings, such as public auditoriums, schools, religious facilities, public libraries, coffee shops, community centers, conferences, workshops and private parties (graduation, anniversary, birthday, etc.), business establishments and more. You tell us what you need conveyed and we spin an engaging story and fill our story bag with items that bring the story to life. We have fun with a purpose!

It is my hope that your visit with us is pleasant, that you develop a good understanding of what our storytelling services are intended to do and that we will be coming to share a story with you soon!

Your Storyversationist,

Nykiiah Wright

Why Stories

They remind us, they encourage us, they bring us together, they teach us, they entertain us, they help us and they nurture us.

Sharing stories that get right down to the heart of the matter and that make a difference !

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