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When a friend of yours books a storytelling event and/or workshop, you will be given 25% off your next event. 

Selfie Story Parties

You give us specific information about milestone events that have taken place in your life. We use a combination of your personal items and our own to help the story come to life. This type of story can be shared at personal birthday parties, sorority or fraternal celebrations, anniversaries, bridal and baby showers, and as a motivational tool.


Live Streamed Interactive Story NEW

We can now come to you live from where ever you may be. It could be in your home, community center, boardroom, classroom or library, it doesn't matter because the interactive story comes to you! There are also interactive boxes that can be forwarded in advance for the participants to use during the story to help it come to life. This is a great tool for learning times at childcare centers as well as just before nap time. The kids love that I can see and talk them and talk with them during the story event!

Children's Stories.

Our children's stories are created to educate children about the world around them and help them to realize that they are apart of it all. The stories often have global themes as well as matters that relate to good manners, bullying, friendship, family matters and community awareness. They are fun and engages all of the senses so they never forget the moral of the story. These are our benchmark stories that are the foundation of Ms. Nikki's Traveling Story Bag is founded on. 

With their eyes glued to the screen they watch and interact with the LIVE video story!

Best Uses:

1. Childcare centers

2. Nap time stories

3. Evening bed time stories

4. Intro Business Meetings 

5. Unique Discussion Starter

6. K-12 Classrooms

*Great for Childcare centers with 24 hour care

We provide stories that are educational, entertaining, fun, motivating, engaging and helpful for whatever you need to be conveyed.

Workplace Stories

Sometimes the workplace can be a challenging environment depending on our mindset. This series is intended to help refocus your energy and change your perspective so that you can flourish wherever you are planted. This series is designed to lead into company discussions, trainings workshops and team building projects.   

Hands all in with Ms. Nikki's Flipped 360 Degree Vision Boards during our New360 Degrees of Me Storyversation!

Storyversations that provoke thought in today's youth that help them create their own stories.

Cultural Experience Story

These stories are either retold or a Ms.Nikki's Traveling Story Bag. These stories are rich in the language and culture of the people, music and a food sampling of a traditional. This story can serve in a capacity of building bridges to understanding in order to combat prejudice, religious phobias and for the development of global communities. It's a cultural festival!

We create stories that connect listeners to the global community. . 


Ms. Nikki's Traveling Story Bag 

Schools and childcare facilities Inquire about weekly LIVE videos bundle package.

Storyversations that allow the listener to consider their own stories. Individually priced. Group rates are available according to number of guests

Kids love stories they can see and touch during the story! These stories can be LIVE. 

In addition to these story events, we also put together original stories based on what you want to be conveyed!

Our Storyversations turn dull training sessions into unforgettable experiences that build teams, professional development and fun!

This is designed for all types businesses.

360 Degrees of Me  Storyversation NEW 

Initially this was only available as part of the Women's Circle story events. However, due to many requests, this event is now available for men and women groups as well as couple retreats and conferences. Subject matters include relationship, parenthood, divorce, career, friendship, love and life change stories that will cause you to cry, laugh, dance and sing. Story events from this series can be used for bridal showers, special interest groups, seminars, retreats, conferences, prisons, sorority and fraternity events or just a girls night in. Plus food, fun and fellowship!  GROUP RATES AVAILABLE and materials fees apply. 

Royal Story Packages

Teen Spirit 

These stories are designed to touch on issues that are relevant to teens. Subject matters that are embedded in these stories are human trafficking, entitlement, bullying, self awareness, decision making, virtual world vs. reality. Workshops for teen spirit stories may include a combination of the following:

group work, characterization, skits, story creation, vision boards/books, journals and creative art as well as youth writing and storytelling workshops.


1. The Story

2. The Storyversation

3. Vision Partnering

4. 360 Degree Flipped Vision Board

5. Pass The Hat Story Building Game

6. Our Story

7. Redesign Your Story

8. 360 Degree Statement