Word of the Week: ENOUGH                                  June 25, 2019

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Video Gallery

Sharing a story at A Rainbow's Treasure Childcare Centerin Toledo, Ohio about the gift of the present. Even the very young can learn to appreciate each moment. 

My friends at VFJ's Marketing Services (www.vfjsmarketingserices.com) created this very nice video for Ms. Nikki's Traveling Story Bag. Check it out!

This kid really got into the Global Cultural Diversity Story Experience after learning about Chinese traditions at Toledo Lucas County Public Library Main Branch in Toledo, Ohio.

The Art It Yourself Summer Art Camp taking part of our "storyversation' with Rozenia Cunningham and the campers. We shared Jeremiah's Story: Don't Quit! a motivational story for kids and adults. 


Ms. Nikki's Traveling Story Bag 

Sharing "Selfie Stories" (short stories about individual obstacles and triumphing over them) at a homeless soup kitchen at guest tables and as they waited in line to be served. 

"We take the stories where ever they need to go." 

At ABC Childcare Center in Savannah, Georgia for their annual Fall Festival. We shared a story about two families who realized they were each other's inspiration. 

Sharing a story for the entire family to participate in and enjoy.